Loblolly Farms

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Loblolly Animals is a small, family farm in Grant Florida.  Since we sold our veterinary clinic, my Husband Glenn and I devote all our time to maintaining our farm. We love it. We love hearing the animals in the morning and seeing everything grow.  If you’d like to come visit our farm, give us a call at 321-223-7971 and maybe take a bit of it home with you. 🙂 (If I don’t pick up the phone, be sure to leave a message! I’m probably out on the tractor and I’ll get right back to you!)

Who we are

We are THE South Florida destination for Registered Barbados Black Belly Sheep! We also keep non registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Painted Desert Sheep, Khaki Campbells & Rouen Ducks and more!

Barbados Black Belly Sheep

More Photos from Our Farm